Invitation to research study

The study takes place in the Cognitive Neurology Institute INECO.

Invitation to research study: empathy and emotional regulation

The study consists of an evaluation through questionnaires and some activities in the electroencephalogram. In these activities, there are two tasks related to the processing of affective language and one that are therapeutic sessions and you will have to answer some questions about the patients.


Characteristics to participate:


- To be received from a degree course of no less than 5 years.

- Do not work with people directly or in healthcare areas. For example, they can participate: engineers of different disciplines, chemists, physicists and other professions that are not directly linked to work with human relationships.


Duration of the study: it lasts no more than an hour and a half and is carried out in the Cognitive Neurology Institute (INECO).


Address: Pacheco de Melo 1854, Federal Capital. (two blocks from Av. Callao and Av. Las Heras)