Increased moral condemnation of accidental harm in institutionalized adolescents La deprivación social en adolescentes institucionalizados podría impactar en el neurodesarrollo de la teoría de la mente.
How Argentinas resident

How Argentina is training their mental health residents to face its Silver Tsunami?

In low- and middle-income countries, there is an increase in the percentage of aging population similar to or greater than that of high-income countries (World Population Ageing 1950–2050, UN, 2001)  
5-HT2a receptor in mPFC influences contextguided reconsolidation of object memory in perirhinal cortex Context-dependent memories may guide adaptive behavior relaying in previous experience while updating stored information through reconsolidation.
Immediate Early Genes, Memory and Psychiatric Disorders Focus on cFos, Egr1 and Arc. Many psychiatric disorders, despite their specific characteristics, share deficits in the cognitive domain including executive functions, emotional control and memory.