The Neuroscience of Body, Emotion, and Social Context Interactions in Neuropsychiatry

Organized by  Institute of Advanced Studies de la Università Di Bologna.  

Dr, Agustin Ibañez  gave the Institute lecture.

The conferences of the Institute of Advanced Studies are given by international experts of different specialties but involve an interdisciplinary and societal discussion. Reading, addressed the current interdisciplinary challenges between neurosciences and social sciences.

For over half a century, cognitive science and neuroscience have conceived of human beings as radically disembodied entities guided by a logical rationality and isolated from culture. However, these disciplines have recently provided new alternatives proposing that action, body, emotion and social interaction are critical for the compression of mental processes. Professor Ibáñez presented evidence from his work group, showing how the use of ecological and localized tasks that address body action, emotions and social cognition in several disorders (frontotemporal dementia, Huntington's disease and Parkinson's disease, brain injuries, schizophrenia, ADHD, and other disorders) involve advances not only for the compression of the cerebral bases of these conditions but for the social compression and discussion of the cerebral bases of mental processes. The conference was of an interdisciplinary nature, offering scholars (doctoral and postdoctoral students of multiple disciplines), researchers and professors an interdisciplinary discussion of the results obtained.