Mente Bilingue

Mente bilingue


Notably, the internationalization of knowledge has grown alongside bilingualism (voluntary or incidental), a fact that revitalizes the inquiry about linguistic systems and generates a powerful pole of attraction for researchers interested in cognition and language. To the concerns of neurocognition, which have made the functioning of the brain the “star” of modern science, studies of the functioning of the mind in linguistic operations involving one or more languages are added.

What does it mean to be bilingual? How is such a heterogeneous population classified? What tools do psycholinguistics and cognitive science use to address this phenomenon? How are words and sentences processed in a cognitive system that includes more than one language? What influence does the development of competences in more than one language have on cognition in general? What do we know about bilingualism in sign language users? How do the distinctive semantic characteristics of each language impact everyday cognitive processes? These are some of the questions that are addressed in Bilingual Mind.