Manes F., Niro M. El cerebro del futuro Planeta, 2018

El cerbro del futuro

Will it make sense to ask when the future began? What will be the definitive answer of this oxymoron, in which the verb is conjugated in the past when it talks about something that is to come? Perhaps in these apparent contradictions the key is found, because what was expected is already among us: hyperconnection, the continuous present where all time is fused, the digital and the biological, the long and hurry life, the technological advances that so amazing they no longer amaze. And now that it has arrived, we ask ourselves what we are going to do with that future and what will that future be like with all of us.

Be that as it may, we know that we will have to cross it with the same body and the same brain that makes thousands of years. Ask us about the occurrence of this relationship between human beings and the times they run as they have never run is the main goal of the book "The brain of the future. Will the modern life of our essence change?