2513 Yoris

Main research interests

Psychopathology, anxiety disorders, emotions, interoception, cognition


Lic. Adrian E. Yoris specializes in neurosciences Anxiety disorders under the Doctorate in Psychology from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina. Currently, he serves as a member of the executive committee (CD) of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Translational (INECO-U. FAVALORO-CONICET), organizational structure on which the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology and Neurosciences (LPEN) is located. He is also a Research Fellow of the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (Argentina) and the Center for Research in Neurosciences UDP-INECO (Chile). In addition, he is an Assistant Professor of Biological Bases of Behavior II at the Faculty of Psychology at the Catholic University of Santa Fe (Argentina).

Lic. Yoris has spent periods of training and research on experimental psychology at the University Salamanca (Spain) and training courses at Harvard University (USA). As a teacher, he has taught undergraduate, graduate and professional education at the Catholic University of Santa Fe, Catholic University of Santiago del Estero (Headquarters Rafaela), Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina (Buenos Aires) and U. Favaloro. It was in turn speaker at several international conferences as IBRO 2015 (Rio de Janeiro) and national congresses.

Its flagship publications have been made in the area of interoception of anxiety disorders, area over which currently serves.