Yonatan Sanz Perl

Dr. Sanz Perl has a PhD in Physics due to his work on the Dynamical System Laboratory (FCEyN, UBA). He is currently working as a researcher at Total Austral,  affiliate of Total E&P company, one of the 4 major companies in this industry, and he is an advisor in neuroimaging studies at INCYT. Dr Sanz Perl has an extensive background in the development of low-dimensional, operational and predictive mathematical models which applications to other areas of science, such as neurosciences and geosciences, have demonstrated to be an excellent analytical tool. He has extensive experience in interdisciplinary research interacting with biologists, medical professionals , geologists and engineers. He has published articles in international leading journals such as Nature, Plos Computational Biology, Journal of Neurophysiology, among others, with a wide dissemination in the local press and recognition of Nature editors (Editor's Choice 2013).He has been teaching at the Department of Physics of the University of Buenos Aires  since 2010 and having taught Classical Mechanics, Biophysics and others.