What The Neurociencies Are

que son las neurociencias

Ibañez A, Garcia A (2015). What The Neurociencies Are (Que son las Neurociencias). Paidos



In the last decades, few disciplines have advanced as much and as fast as the neurosciences. Thanks to this complex field of research we know more about the brain and its role in determining our thoughts, behaviors, feelings, abilities and illnesses. In short, neurosciences help us to better understand what it means to be human. All this knowledge is so important to society that it can not be held in academic circles. It is a scientific heritage that belongs to us all. For neurosciences to reach the general public, works are needed that communicate the findings accurately but without technicalities, with rigor but without solemnities. That is the great achievement of What are neurosciences.

In this volume, Dr. Agustín Ibáñez and Adolfo M. García offer a brilliant introduction to the field, discussing both distant origins and recent discoveries about learning, emotions, memory, attention, intelligence, social interaction, Morality, language and cognitive disorders, among other topics. The book combines with singular mastery the main elements that are expected of a work of dissemination: impeccable prose, everyday examples, cutting-edge information and, if nothing else, incessant moods. Agustin and Adolfo not only had the vision that neuroscientists should bring their work closer to all people; They also knew how to do it.