Social Neurociencie. Chapter 15

Díaz D, Couto B, Báez S, Ibáñez A. (2014). Social Neurociencie. Chapter 15. En Díaz Méndez D & Latorre Postigo J (Eds). Medical psicology. Barcelona: Elsevier. ISBN:9788490224816.


Medical psychology is a relatively recent and growing field of knowledge, which is located in the areas of psychology and medicine, and therefore in a strictly interdisciplinary field. The editors of this work intend with this proposal to respond to an existing demand, counting for their development with teachers responsible for the subject of different Spanish and Latin American faculties. The objective is to understand the psychological and social aspects that influence health processes And disease, paying attention to the analysis of the physician-patient interaction, promoting healthy behaviors, learning psychological intervention techniques and acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the planning, coordination and leadership of work teams in The field of health sciences. The work has online resources in that consist of self-evaluation and clinical cases.