2612 Pontello

She graduated as a doctor at the University of Buenos Aires. He then completed his Neurology residency at the Institute of Neurosciences of the Favaloro Foundation. At the end she served as Chief of Residents for a year.

Later he began his specialization in the area of Cognitive Neurology and Neuropsychiatry, working as a Fellow in the Institute of Neurosciences of the Favaloro Foundation and in Ineco.

She is a member of the Argentine Neurological Society (SNA) where he is a member of the Working Group on Neurology of Cognitive Behavior and Neuroscience.

She has presented several papers at national and international congresses such as the Argentine Congress of Neurology organized by SNA, the American Academy of Neurology and the International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias. He has given talks at national congresses and published works on the diagnosis of the different forms of dementias. She is co-author of the chapter on Alzheimer's sleep disorders in the book "Behavioral and Psychiatric Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease for the General Practice" (Ineco-Elea 2013).

In the area of teaching he has carried out several activities, teaching classes in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. At the moment he works as professor of the Chair of Neurophysiology in the U.B.A, of the subject Neurology in the Faculty of Medicine and Neurosciences in the Faculty of Psychology of the Favaloro University and coordinates postgraduate courses.