212 Maria Roca

Director: Dr. María Roca

Maria Roca obtained her psychologist degree, graduating with honours, in 2002. Soon after her graduation she started her training as a clinical neuropsychologist, where she worked for two years. In 2005, she participated in the development of the first Institute of Cognitive Neurology in Argentina (INECO), where she became the sub-chief of the Neuropsychology Department and where she started her research training and PhD studies.

During this period, she was trained in experimental psychology, research methodology, cognitive and behavioural neurology, statistics and bioethics, among other topics. She obtained her PhD in Psychology at the Catholic University (Buenos Aires, Argentina) with the highest honours in 2010, studying frontal functions in Parkinson’s Disease. SHe has published more than 40 papers in various prestigious scientific journals including Brain and Neuropsychologia among many others.

In 2010, Dr. Roca became the director of the Neuropsychology Research Laboratory of the INECO ‘s (FINECO), which she co-created with Teresa Torralva. She is also currently the subdirector of the INCyT.