2620 Canga

María Macarena Canga graduated in Speech-Language Pathology from the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino (UMSA). From 2010 to 2014 she held his Concurrence in the Hospital of Agudos José María Ramos Mejía, which is responsible for language, speech, hearing and swallowing disorders in children and adults.
Between June and December 2014 she completed the Postgraduate Course in Language Neuroscience, taught at the University of Favaloro.

She currently works in the area of adult language at the Institute of Cognitive Neurology (INECO), where he performs tasks related to the clinic. It is dedicated to the approach of patients with different neurological pathologies, such as Cerebrovascular Accident, Parkinson's Disease, Dementias and Traumatism of Skull, among others. She is part of the Phonoaudiology team of the Güemes Sanatorium in the rehabilitation of children and adults with different language pathologies.

She is currently part of the Laboratory of Language Research, where he performs several related research tasks related to adult language pathologies.