Dr. Pedro Bekinschtein

Dra. Noelia Weisstaub

Memory and molecular cognition LabFoto lab noelia 4

The laboratory will study the biological basis of episodic memory, one that involves the experiences we have had in our lifetime. For that, we use animals rat and mouse models that allow us to manipulate regions and molecules precise and controlled to understand how to shape forms, is recovered and this type of memory is one of the first skills that are lost in dementias and forget Alzheimer's disease. We are interested in establishing learning that are analogous to those occurring in humans, so as to make direct comparisons about potential cellular and molecular mechanisms common to all species.

The installation of the laboratory in INCYT bring several benefits to the institutions involved, including expected:

Foto lab noeliaa) Moving the cognitive and memory studies the species Octodon degusque spontaneously develops pathology similar to Alzheimer's disease;

b) Conduct pre-clinical trials of relevant drugs for the treatment of degenerative or psychiatric disorders in which is affected episodic memory, such as Alzheimer's and schizophrenia;

c)Support teaching by laboratory members expertise in neuroscience to be issued from the UF coming year; in said master students of different races (biology, engineering, medicine, psychology) can make their thesis in the INCYT,

d) Dr. Bekinschtein will be co-director of that expertise and currently is already teaching degree in the psychology

Foto lab noelia 6e) Grow in the coming years to increase the number of fellows and researchers funded by CONICET and other sources as ANPCyT and MinCyT;

f) Increase the number of basic and international impact publications, with emphasis on translational research, giving it greater academic strength to the UF and;

g) Promote popular science and social appropriation of science, since the Dr.Bekinschtein takes an active agenda of disclosure (is author of "100% Brain" and is a columnist for neuroscience TV program "Science Industry Argentina" which represent an opportunity to communicate to society what is done in the INCyT and UF mass and effectively.

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