Freeing free will: A neuroscientific perspective


Freeing free will: A neuroscientific perspective

Ibanez A, Hesse E, Manes F, Garcia AM

In Mario Bunge (Ed): Doing Science, Publisher: World Scientific, pp.161-176. (2017) DOI: 10.1142/9789813202788_0012.

The notion of free will (FW) has dualistic and neoplatonic origins, since it is considered an absolute “all or nothing” capacity, intrinsically dependent on consciousness, and assumed on the basis of deterministic-nondeterministic antinomies. Cognitive neuroscience has been negatively influenced by these origins. In this chapter, we propose that FW can be redefined beyond the original notions and understood as the ability to make flexible decisions and reason about the consequences of acts (moral or not). Finally, we synthesize the incipient knowledge of the brain bases associated with FW.

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