241 Flavia Galaverna

Dr. Flavia Galaverna received her PhD in Psychology with distinction from the Faculty of Psychology of the National University of Cordoba (UNC) in March 2015, and her degree in Psychology with honors in 2007, in the same unit Academic Working in both instances in the subject of Verbal Fluency and Semantic Memory in Schizophrenic Disorder, contributing original scientific knowledge in the discipline, as well as contributing to the diagnosis and intervention in said pathology.

Since his graduation he has been dedicated to research and teaching in Neuropsychology and Clinical Neuropsychiatry. Specializing in the search of profiles of social and non-social neurocognitive functioning in psychiatric and neurological pathologies. Currently, she is an assistant professor of the chair of Neuropsychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the UNC, and directs two research projects in the area of neuropsychiatry.