Envy and pleasure from the suffering of others may be early markers of a type of dementia.

La Nacion Journal Article

Dr.  Agustin Ibañez.  Director of INCYT

Empathy (that is, the ability to perceive what another feels) is the basis of solidarity and one of the livelihoods that holds together human groups. We tend to believe that prosocial nature is dominant in healthy individuals. However, studies by Argentine researchers suggest that the opposite may also be true. In these works, they show that there are two human emotions that are not at all cooperative and yet are universal: envy and enjoyment by the suffering of others (known by its German name, Schadenfreude, for example, when one has a boss who mistreats him or does not value him, and suddenly stumbles and falls, or the AFIP detects a monumental debt, but instead of feeling sorry, he is happy).

Scientists not only analyzed them in 40 situations, and in their crosses with morality and legality, but also discovered that they can be useful markers for estimating the evolution of frontotemporal dementia. The investigations are published in journals JNNP (doi: 10.1136 / jnnp-2017-316055) and Brain (doi: 10.1093 / brain / awx269)

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