Debate between Science, Technology and Society

Organizers: INECO Foundation, Neuromente, CONICET-VOCAR, INCYT, Faculty of Medical Sciences-Catholic University of Cuyo.  

Wednesday, November 15, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Today more than ever in the history of mankind, science and technology seem to have a profound impact on our society. The explosion of the digital economy, the use of technological devices in daily life, the multitasking of digital natives, knowledge-based innovation and associated cultural change, the development of methods of brain stimulation, or genetic manipulation, are only some examples of this. The vertigo of this progress makes it difficult to understand, direct and control this progress. It is not clear whether the impact of this new revolution represents a qualitative leap in the history of humanity. In San Juan, we will discuss together this issue with scientists, scientific journalists, and innovators. The event will feature brief presentations in the field of neuroscience, genetics, technological-cultural innovation, and scientific journalism to generate a debate between presenters and the public.


9hrs: Registration

9: 30-10: Presentation of authorities, presenters and introduction to the debate.

10-10: 30hrs. Gustavo Aguirre. CEO of Be Liquid.

Digital innovation and economic revolution

10: 30-11: Agustín Ibáñez. Director INCYT (INECO-Favaloro-CONICET)

Neuroscience of the future?

11-11: 30hrs. Martin Bruno. Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

Impact of our DNA knowledge on people's lives

11: 30-12: 30hrs. Paola Aron Badin. National Directorate of Cultural Innovation, Ministry of Culture of the Nation.

Cultural innovation for social impact

12: 30-13hrs. Nora Bar. Publisher of the Science / Health section of LA NACION.

Science and technology in the media and its impact on society

13-14hrs. General discussion with lecturers

Day: Wednesday, November 15, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location: Convention Center, Las Heras Norte 101-199, J5400FRB San Juan.

Auspicia: Government of San Juan, Catholic University of Cuyo

Entry: A non-perishable food to be delivered to vulnerable sectors of San Juan.

Requires previous registration by sending mail to