An Introduction to Relational Network Theory: History, Principles, and Descriptive Applications

Relatinal Network Theory

García, A. M., Sullivan, W. J. & Tsiang, S. (2017).

Londres: Equinox. 224 páginas. ISBN: 978-1- 78179-260- 5. Online: http://bit.ly/1Cbzeod.

This book, published by the prestigious publishing house Equinox (England), offers an updated introduction to Relational Network Theory (TRR), a cognitive model of language compatible with principles of systemic-functional linguistics. Through eight chapters divided into two parts, the types of logical relations typical of linguistic networks are described and illustrated. Part I covers the evolution of TRR from the 1960s to the present; Its systemic and stratificational origins are detailed, its main notational resources are characterized and successive theoretical milestones are identified (with structural, operational and neurocognitive considerations).