242 Ciampa

María Agostina Ciampa is a graduate in Occupational Therapy, received at the University of Buenos Aires. He worked in the El Arca Foundation working with young people and adults with intellectual disabilities. He carried out postgraduate studies in Neurological Illness in Adults, dictated at the Favaloro University. He also participated in the course "Occupational Therapy Intervention in the Labor Area". In 2013, he completed the Diploma in Technical Aids for Persons with Disabilities, dictated at the National Technological University. In that year he did the Course of Cognitive Neurosciences, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Rehabilitation, at the Favaloro University. Throughout the year 2014 has realized experiences abroad, including countries like United States, Ireland and Japan. In turn, he completed the Employment Specialist course given by the Dartmouth Supported Employment Center.

Since 2014 he directs the Postgraduate Course in Occupational Therapy in Neurological Illness in Adults and coordinates the Distance Course. She currently works at INECO, as Director of the Department of Occupational and Recreational Therapy, performing tasks related to the clinic and research. Among other approaches, it is working in Vocational and Labor Rehabilitation Programs promoted by the INECO Foundation. The year 2015 began a Doctorate in Psychology with Orientation in Cognitive Neurosciences and has participated and made several presentations in congresses.