100% MemoryHow does the memory machine work?

Every day new cells are dying and born that replace those that have left us.

We change over time and yet we remain ourselves, a changed self, but a self at last.

Biological molecules present inside and outside each of our cells have a short shelf life of minutes or hours. Proteins are the molecules that make everything in the cell work, they are the blocks of life.

Like any biological function, memory also requires these blocks of life: memory is made up of proteins and their biological interactions. But if memories can last for hours, years, or all of life, how can they be sustained by biological compounds that melt away in minutes or hours? How does memory persist over time if its biological substrate degrades?


The question has no answer yet, but this book will try to bring them as close as possible to what scientists know about this brain's ability to store information.


Dr. Pedro Bekinschtein-Pedro, for his friends- addresses the subject of his specialty: what is memory, how it works, how a memory is built. Much of this still has more mystery than scientific proof. In laboratories around the world, people of science spend years to discover and prove something extraordinary that, however, is far from answering these fascinating questions. Entering that world from the hand of the author of 100% Brain is a super action adventure.